University of Michigan North Campus Sustainability Initiative

Mission Blue

This special movie event presents legendary oceanographer and TED prize winner, Dr. Sylvia Earle, who is on a mission to save our oceans. Mission Blue is part action-adventure, part expose of an Eco-disaster. More than 100 scientists, philanthropists, and activists gather in the Galapagos Islands to help fulfill Dr. Earle’s … Continue reading

Global Climate and Remote Sensing

This talk will provide an introduction to global climate as well as factors that impact it including the global water, carbon, and energy system. Cutting edge technology will be presented showcasing our abilities to remotely measure current conditions and predict future conditions. Leland Pierce Associate Research Scientist Electrical Engineering and … Continue reading

Sustainable Spirits: The Ann Arbor Distilling Company

The Ann Arbor Distilling Company opened in December 2015 in Downtown Ann Arbor. Phil Attee has been involved since the beginning in a number of “back of the house” and “front of the house” positions. Phil will talk about the company’s dedication to sustainability including in the design of its … Continue reading

Organizational Sustainability

Over the centuries, humans have endeavored to find the most appropriate system of organization to meet the challenges of the day. These challenges have included finding food, ensuring security, and increasing productivity. Modern organizations range from the light-hearted such as a local bowling league to the formal such as a … Continue reading

How Culture Shapes the Climate Change Debate

Though the scientific community largely agrees that climate change is underway, debates about this issue remain fiercely polarized. These conversations have become a rhetorical contest, one where opposing sides try to achieve victory through playing on fear, distrust, and intolerance. At its heart, this split no longer concerns carbon dioxide, … Continue reading

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The Sustainability Community will be brought together by meetings and other activities that highlight sustainability efforts of the U with the intention of both informing people, and enabling them to participate. These meetings and other activities will be coordinated by a Sustainability Council. The council’s main purpose is to devise ways for all people on North Campus (and the rest of the UM campus) to interact to discuss ongoing and new ways for helping make the U a more sustainable campus. It would also help to foster groups of people to implement some of these ideas. Eventually it could spread to all of the UM campus, to the city of Ann Arbor, and beyond. A large part of the Council’s purpose is to hold meetings at which people can become better informed, and to help form communities between the attendees. Meetings could be formal lectures, informal discussions, or even consist of break-out groups who are planning and implementing some sustainability initiative. If interested, email