Andrew Ranville

Visual Arts, the Environment and Community

Andrew’s work describes the relationship of the body to space inhabited, interacted with, and navigated. His installations, sculptures, fieldwork, architectural interventions, photographs and films explore ideas related to site-specificity as well as the viewer’s interaction with the work. The balance between the formal and functional aspects of the work often elicits those interactions, and are realized using ecologically sensitive methods which emphasize notions of revitalization and resilience.

Andrew is a visual artist and explorer with interests in the environment, architecture, fieldwork, cartography and community. His work has been exhibited internationally and installations of his work can be found – or have been shown in – countries including Australia, China, Finland, Morocco, Spain, Costa Rica, UK and the USA. His work has been published in various art magazines and journals. He has lectured and delivered talks at various universities in the United Kingdom and United States. See his webpage: here.

The video of the meeting is below

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