Solar Powering My House

(Or how I stopped worrying and learned to love Ohm’s law)

In this talk Prof. Forrest will speak about the worldwide need for inexpensive renewable energy, its current status and the real economics, cutting through popular urban myths or misleading political arguments. Then he will discuss how he actually forgot about all this “noise” and got down to the business of powering his own house in Vermont (an area not known for sunshine and sandy beaches). He had no choice: his house is deep in the National Forest without access to the electricity grid. He will show how he and his family came to terms with only the sun as their power source. It turns out to be quiet, cheap, reliable (even during Hurricane Irene that tore through the state in 2011), and renewable, starting every morning around 8 am.

Stephen Forrest
Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Physics, and Materials Science & Engineering, The University of Michigan
Stephen Forrest


The video of the meeting appears below:



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