The UM Sustainable Food Program


Allie Weber and Haley Kerner
Sustainable Food Program, The University of Michigan
The UM Sustainable Food Program fosters collaborative leadership that empowers students to create a sustainable food system at the University of Michigan while becoming change agents for a vibrant planet.
Anna Fowler and Michael VanderZwagg
Food Industry Student Association, The University of Michigan
FISA, the Food Industry Student Association, is U of M’s first and only food industry career oriented organization. Together with the help of it’s rapidly growing list of corporate partners, FISA aims to educate students about the career opportunities the food industry has available to students.
Michael Tang
Maize & Blue Cupboard, The University of Michigan
With the rising cost of tuition and the inconvenience of local grocery stores, Maize & Blue Cupboard fights against all levels of student food insecurity on campus through monthly distributions in the Trotter Multicultural Center.


We encountered a technical anomaly while recording this seminar. Unfortunately, the introduction and first 15 minutes of the talk were not captured. We apologize to our presenters. The video of the remainder of the talk appears below:

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