Organizational Sustainability

Organizational Sustainability from

Over the centuries, humans have endeavored to find the most appropriate system of organization to meet the challenges of the day. These challenges have included finding food, ensuring security, and increasing productivity. Modern organizations range from the light-hearted such as a local bowling league to the formal such as a corporation or university. As civilization has developed, so too have our organizations in terms of their complexity as well as their breadth of focus. Modern organizations may include a sizable bureaucracy and significant levels of red tape. Organizational sustainabilitywill be presented with a focus on mitigating restrictions to getting things done.

During this community discussion, we watched three TED talks and discussed each with an emphasis on applications to each community member. 

Talk 1: Yves Morieux – As work gets more complex, 6 rules to simplify (source)

Talk 2: Leerom Segal & Jay Goldman – How Technology Eats Bureaucracy (source)

Talk 3: Simon Sinek – Start With Why (Edited)

The full talk is available to watch below:


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