Global Climate and Remote Sensing

This talk will provide an introduction to global climate as well as factors that impact it including the global water, carbon, and energy system. Cutting edge technology will be presented showcasing our abilities to remotely measure current conditions and predict future conditions.

Leland Pierce
Associate Research Scientist
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department, University of Michigan


The video of the meeting appears below:

Organizational Sustainability

Organizational Sustainability from

Over the centuries, humans have endeavored to find the most appropriate system of organization to meet the challenges of the day. These challenges have included finding food, ensuring security, and increasing productivity. Modern organizations range from the light-hearted such as a local bowling league to the formal such as a corporation or university. As civilization has developed, so too have our organizations in terms of their complexity as well as their breadth of focus. Modern organizations may include a sizable bureaucracy and significant levels of red tape. Organizational sustainabilitywill be presented with a focus on mitigating restrictions to getting things done.

During this community discussion, we watched three TED talks and discussed each with an emphasis on applications to each community member. 

Talk 1: Yves Morieux – As work gets more complex, 6 rules to simplify (source)

Talk 2: Leerom Segal & Jay Goldman – How Technology Eats Bureaucracy (source)

Talk 3: Simon Sinek – Start With Why (Edited)

The full talk is available to watch below:


A Tale of Two Farms

Sustainable Agriculture in Detroit and at the UM Campus Farm

Alex Bryan will talk about his 4-acre urban farm, Food Field, in Detroit, and Jeremy Moghtader will talk about the Campus Farm at UM.

Alex Bryan
UMSFP Manager, The University of Michigan
Alex is a graduate from University of Michigan, and has served on several nonprofit boards including Michigan Food and Farming Systems (MIFFS) and the National Young Farmers Coalition (NYFC). His most recent work was with the Greater Lansing Food Bank, where he was the Director of Agricultural Programs. In his role with the Food Bank, Alex was responsible for resources and support for over 130 gardens and 800 gardeners, as well as community development, business development and leadership training. Previous experience also includes co-owning an urban farm in Detroit, being a volunteer coordinator, serving as a member of Americorps, and working in a Tapas restaurant focusing on fresh and seasonal foods.
Jeremy Moghtader
Campus Farm Manager, The University of Michigan
Jeremy received his M.S. in Resource Ecology and Management from U-M’s School of Natural Resources and Environment in 2004 and his B.S. in Economics also from U-M. He recently served as the Director of Programs at the Michigan State University Student Organic Farm where he worked in varying capacities since 2004. Jeremy has also provided leadership over the past decade in a number of non-profit food systems including, the Food System Partnership (FSEP), The Agrarian Adventure, Tilian Farm Development Center, the SEEDS Residency Farm (Traverse City), and Slow Food Huron Valley.


The video of the meeting appears below: