Light Pollution in Ann Arbor

Ben Greaves, CLASP Graduate Student, The Univ. of Michigan

There is a growing light pollution problem in the Ann Arbor area. Many factors are adversely affected by this over-saturation of light, and this presentation will discuss the steps people have taken around the country to help improve the problem. Specifically, the growing light pollution in Ann Arbor has affected people’s access to the night sky, especially considering that more than 80% of Americans live in urban areas. The night sky is a basic cultural heritage that connects us to the natural world, the stars, and the universe. It also causes serious problems for wildlife, as well as medical concerns for humans. Furthermore, all the light pointed into the sky is simply wasted energy, and the city’s lighting bill could be reduced by 30 – 50% by using well designed and placed lighting fixtures. There are some very simple steps we can take as a community that can save money, improve safety, and restore the natural environment and habitat.

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A video from this talk appears below:

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