How Green Teams Work

Jessi Cebulski
ECE Senior Administrative Assistant, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Brooke Sweeney
Office and Event Coordinator, Erb Institute

Melanie Ordway
Recruiting Coordinator, College of Engineering

The University of Michigan

Johnson Rooms, Lurie Engineering Bldg, Univ of Michigan, North Campus.
Noon, Monday, November 11, 2019

Green Teams are groups of concerned people in a unit at the University who are working to make their unit more green. These teams work to identify areas where changes can be made to “business as usual” in order to help reduce waste and improve recycling and composting. Jessi, Brooke, and Melanie will describe their Green Team experiences, and how their team helped to educate others about sustainability, and improve their work spaces. Examples of what you can do to help in your unit will be given, and even how to start your own.

Jessi Cebulski Is an ECE Admin Senior at University of Michigan College of Engineering and in her spare time helps to make her workplace greener as part of her unit’s Green Team. She was also part of the Green Team at her former position in the Ross School of Business.
Brooke Sweeney leads administrative organization and event strategy for the Erb Institute. She works with internal and external stakeholders to deliver dynamic and impactful events to facilitate meaningful conversations and outputs. In her role, Brooke is focused on driving the institute’s events, affiliated events and office suite toward a more zero waste mentality.
Melanie Ordway organizes and manages job postings and prepares campus interview materials. She also identifies needs of employers and determines appropriate preparation measures for their visits to campus. And besides Managing reservations for interview rooms and other networking events, she also evaluates employer accounts and job postings. She is also in charge of creating weekly flyers to publicize office events (company events, workshops, etc.).

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The video of the meeting is below:

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