GeoStorm: To What Degree Can We Control the Weather?

Prof. Perry Samson, CLASP, The Univ. of Michigan

Conspiracy theorists (both left and right) often concoct theories about the environment that fester in the world of social media unfettered by scientific evidence. This presentation begins with a critical review of “chemtrails”, the claim that the government is engaged in activities to manipulate atmospheric processes to meet sinister designs. Embodied in this claim is the hypothesis that the atmosphere is being seeded to create clouds, precipitation and even hurricanes.

While chemtrails claims are preposterous, if not laughable, the reality is that humans can and do modify weather and climate. This presentation discusses the reality that techniques are being studied that could offset warming due to increasing greenhouse gas concentrations through geoengineering, the alteration of natural processes to either reduce incoming solar radiation or increase the removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.


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Sustainable Living and Environmental Justice

Prof. Joe Trumpey, Director, Sustainable Living Experience, The Univ. of Michigan
Rachel Beglin, Senior in PitE and Graham Scholar, The Univ. of Michigan

The Sustainable Living Experience is a built-in living-learning community for freshman students who want to fully immerse themselves in a culture that acknowledges and appreciates sustainability. Students go on nature retreats, work at farms, take a seminar together, and challenge each other to be more environmentally conscious people and students. Environmental Justice looks at environmental racism and equity and provides a social justice perspective to environmental issues. This talk discusses how environmental issues intersect with various identities, and a little bit of history of the movement, and provides resources for the audience to learn more or get involved.


More information on Sustainable Living
More information on Environmental Justice

A video from this talk appears below: